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Change your Limiting Beliefs and Unlock your Potential

What is Coaching?

Coaching offers clients the space to explore and bridge the gap between where there life is now and where they would like to be. Often in bridging that gap we discover obstacles that prevent us from achieving our desired goals and dreams. What is now widely recognised is that our sub-conscious beliefs are the key to our success. For those who have experienced trauma, negative beliefs are embedded within the subconscious mind. This can prevent moving on from those experiences to living a vital and joy-filled life.

As a coach I combine a number of modalities I have trained in (Life Coaching; Executive Coaching; NLP Skills and Quantum Energy Coaching) to support my clients to reach their desired goals and dreams.

What is Quantum Energy Coaching?

Quantum Energy Coaching, is a method that turns old destructive beliefs into constructive empowering beliefs at the sub-conscious level. Rooted in a Gestalt based inquiry a session is able to explore and identify the situations, beliefs and attitudes that create personal stress and unhappiness. These areas are then transformed through techniques based within neuro-science to install new beliefs and neural pathways, resulting in the changes being quick, effortless and permanent! The modality was created specifically to change core negative beliefs that are created as a result of traumatic backgrounds and experiences and the results are profound for those whose lives it has changed!

Quantum Energetic Coaching: Services
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