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For the past 20 years I have worked as a senior manager, trainer and consultant in the charity sector, with a specialism in developing services to support those who have experience gendered violence. This has offered me the opportunity to develop an understanding of service development and management as well as the variety of layers and aspects that are required to heal and recover from such experiences. It has propelled me to develop an understanding of the tools that can be effectively used to support the mind, body and spirit in healing from the trauma of violence and abuse, leading me to acquire an undergraduate degree in Psychology, train as a Thai yoga massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, Chi Kung Teacher, TRE Provider and Coach. I previously trained as a ‘Life Coach’ and was deeply disillusioned by the skill set I came away with, as I found it unsuccessful in supporting deep long lasting change. I believe that my recent discovery of the powerful combination of tools that is QEC, have been the missing link in my own life and one that I consider to be a great gift to share with others seeking support. I work in organisations (individual/teams) and in clinical practise and have a keen interest in working with both survivors and professionals to support them to recover and expand their own resilience to trauma, stress and vicarious trauma. 

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