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Mind and Body Resilience For Those Who Care

In-House Professional Resilience Programs

Developing a skilled and resilient team is essential for charities and NGO’s working in the health, social and education sector. Many organisations are currently working within contexts of decreased budgets, increased workloads and more complex individual client loads. Under such conditions, the risks of vicarious trauma, (compassion fatigue, secondary trauma) and burnout are high.

According to the HSE (2018):

  • Working days lost due to stress, depression or anxiety account for 57% of all working days lost due to ill health

  • Workload (44%) was consider to the be the cause of the stress, depression or anxiety.

  • The two industries with higher than average rates of stress, depression or anxiety is in education, human health and social work fields.

Under such circumstances it is essential for teams and organisations to develop a high-level of personal and professional resilience, to continue to have a positive professional influence whilst minimising any personal negative impact of doing the work.

The in-house training provided by In-Align is rooted within understanding the wider social context for those working in the aforementioned fields and how their capacity and resilience is stretched. Our aim is to provide tangible, evidence-based tools to self-manage and strengthen professional resilience. Our training programs utilise a mix of theory and experiential embodiment practices.

Our intention is to :-

  • Increase participants understanding of stress and trauma.

  • Increase awareness of what it means to be resilient.

  • Increase awareness and reflection of each individual’s stress response, via self-assessment questionnaires.

  • Share a variety of tools that help to down regulate the stress response.

  • Offer participants an opportunity to develop personalised resilience and self-care action plans.

The embodiment tools offered through-out the training are a combination of Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercise, (TRE) chi-kung, yoga postures, breathing techniques and self massage. All the tools have been chosen due to their positive affect on down regulating the bodies stress response. 

Our core professional resilience-training program is delivered over 3 days. However, a bespoke package can be tailor-made to suit your organisations needs

Professional Resilience Training Programs: Services
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